Our Operation

The Syntropy Cloud Mining operates an efficient and secure datacenter that houses all of the mining rigs that our customers use. We are constantly striving to provide optimal mining performance for our users. Our facility is equipped with dedicated fiber connections, redundant hardware and a multitude of security features to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Our datacenter is located in Winnipeg, Canada which is beneficial for many reasons, as we will outline below.

Why Winnipeg?

The Syntropy Cloud Mining facility is located in Winnipeg, Canada. We chose Winnipeg as the location for our datacenter because we recognized many benefits that improve the quality of our mining operation.

Winnipeg, Canada

Natural Protection

Winnipeg is located in the heart of North America. This means that we are safe from major natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados or flooding.

Cost of Power

A huge portion of the mining cost is due to massive electrical consumption. The province of Manitoba uses hydro electric power and there is a lot of it! Having much cheaper electricity than most of the continent allows us to greatly reduce the operating costs.

The Winnipeg Winter

Operating thousands of mining rigs generates an enormous amount of heat. Dealing with this heat involves utilizing large-scale HVAC systems which also use a lot of electricity. Winnipeg is very cold for a large portion of the year, which allows us to disperse heat much more efficiently.

A Lot of Land

Another benefit of operating our facility in Winnipeg is the abundance of inexpensive land. This allows us to have a large and secure facility with the ability to expand quickly at a much lower cost than many other places.

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Proof of Work VS Proof of Stake

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are two different types of computer algorithms that are used to derive value from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Syntropy Cloud Mining is the first cryptocurrency mining platform to utilize Proof of Stake consensus methods. That sounds interesting but what does it mean?

This video provides a simplified explanation of the two methods to help you understand the mechanisms that drive digital currencies.

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