Cloud Mining

Because of the expense and technological requirements necessary to mine cryptocurrency, most are prevented from taking advantage of this lucrative enterprise. For this reason, Cloud Mining was established to allow the less experienced to acquire cryptocurrency on a minimum budget, utilizing the resources of the larger computer systems.

Until very recently, cryptocurrency mining was something only computer geeks and programmers could participate in. Cloud mining has changed this by removing the requirement for users to own mining hardware or have any mining technical expertise. This has dramatically increased the overall cryptocurrency mining pool by including more average enthusiasts.

Cloud mining has made it so easy for even beginners to engage in, more people than ever are finding cryptocurrency mining to be profitable.

What is Cloud Mining?

The primary difference between traditional cryptocurrency mining and cloud mining revolves around who stores and maintains the mining hardware.

Traditional mining requires the user to have extensive technical knowledge, as well as possessing the infrastructure necessary to operate the mining equipment. This includes providing proper ventilation and electricity for the rigs, as well as being able to maintain the functionality of the physical mining rigs.

Cloud mining greatly reduces the entry requirements for users to begin their own mining experience. With cloud mining, all of the hardware is housed and maintained in a purpose-built facility owned by the mining company. The customer's only requirement is to register an account and purchase mining contracts or shares.

Cloud Technology

How it Works

Proof of Stake Mining Block
Mining duration: 36 months.

Mining contracts are based on blocks in 0.05 BTC increments,
paid in the current value of Bitcoin.

You will be part of a larger mining pool of 1000 blocks. Once this pool is reached, the pool is closed to additional purchases and a new pool is open.

What is Syntropy Cloud Mining?

Proof of Work VS Proof of Stake

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are two different types of computer algorithms that are used to derive value from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Syntropy Cloud Mining is the first cryptocurrency mining platform to utilize Proof of Stake consensus methods. That sounds interesting but what does it mean?

This video provides a simplified explanation of the two methods to help you understand the mechanisms that drive digital currencies.